is to promote, communicate and inspire belief in a way of life that is based on intentional living, personal responsibility, contribution and well-being.



At The Intentional Academy I come to work each day because I want to solve the question I hear so often. How do I get to do more of what I love? Everyone seems to be guessing at how to combine making a living with having a life. Guessing at how to do more enjoyable things while not forgoing some of the pleasures and realities of life. Most people are struggling to find a job or business they can combine with a life where both are fulfilling.

Here's an insight why this dilemma exists. Since childhood we have been told that hard work, sacrifice and persistence lead to success and that success leads to happiness. At The Intentional Academy we know this theory does not work and has in fact been scientifically disproved. 

To find an alternative I have for years tried a path of intentional living. That is consciously doing more of what you love, finding ways to contribute to a better world for everyone and paying close attention to personal well-being. Our mission is to share that message with as many people as we can reach.

Because it makes us happy and we want you to feel happy in life too!!

The Intentional Academy