Intentional Careers

At The Intentional Academy we have 10 years experience in giving proactive Career Advice to our clients to help them achieve a Career where they can Have a Life while Making a Living!!

How is an Intentional Career Event different from others. Here are 5 ways these differ from a traditional career:

1. Instead of Earning a Living to Have a Life you get to Have a Life while Making a Living.

2. Instead of being reactive in your job search we will show you how to be proactive.

3. Traditional careers tend to be centered around accumulation where Intentional Careers are based on Contribution.

4. Most careers now are goal or target driven. The basis for Intentional careers are first and foremost purpose driven. Why do I do what I do and who does it serve?

5. I often here about the sacrifices people make to move on in their job or careers. We will show you how you can become productive and thrive in excellence through self care and well-being.

The Intentional Academy