The Intentional

Living Program

7 three hr Modules

in 7 weeks

A Guide To

Intentional Living!

This 7 week hands on Workshop delivers all you need to know to start on your path to Intentional Living. It is composed of 7 weekly workshops of 3 hours each. Patrick lives the intentional lifestyle himself and delivers from experience of working with clients for 9 years as a Qualified Life Coach, Qualified Trainer and experienced Public Speaker.

This Workshop can be delivered in urban centres or towns across Ireland for groups of 10 people onwards. These groups can be friends, organisations, companies, sport groups, student groups, community groups. Any group of people. This workshop is available during working hours or on evenings during the week. For more queries and/or questions visit the Say Hello page!


Week 1: Seminar on Intentional Living. What is it and how does it work?

Week 2: Discovery week. What is my reality? What makes me happiest? Where do I desire change? What do I love? What is important for me?

Week 3: Doing More of what you Love. How to change from doing things I have to do to things I love to do. The basis of Intentional Living: Having a Life while making a living.

Week 4: Contribution: How to contribute with what you do to make your community/workplace/organisation/group/town a better place for everyone.

Week 5: Self Responsibility and Self Reliance. How to take more responsibility and control over your life to enhance self esteem and confidence.

Week 6: Self Care. How to ensure your mind and body work together to give you the energy and peace of mind to live a fulfilling and intentional life.

Week7: Plan week. How to plan all the above to create a future by living in the present. You will bounce away from this module with the plans and actions to start your intentional Living Journey.

A Group will be set up online and offline for you to share, contribute and grow together during and after the 7 weeks!

Condense all you are into every moment that is now. And then you will be present. And by being present you will be a higher version of yourself.

The Intentional Academy