What do the acorn, the jay, and the squirrel have in common with your business/career!

When an acorn falls from an oak tree, it will most likely end up as a food source for one of the many animals that partly rely on it for their diet.

Wildlife that consumes acorns include birds, such as jays, pigeons, ducks, and woodpeckers. Small mammals that feed on acorns include mice, squirrels, and multiple other rodents.


You see, acorns are too heavy to be moved along and dispersed by wind. And they cannot grow near the mother tree. They need at least 20 to 30 meters distance to get enough water, sunlight, and soil nutrients to be able to blossom into a beautiful, strong oak tree.

So they need transport. That’s where squirrels and jays come in to play their part in this story. Both jays and squirrels hoard caches of acorns for future use.

Even though both these animals have remarkable mental maps of the locations and return to consume them, the odd acorn may be lost, or a jay or squirrel may die before consuming all of its goodies. A small number of acorns manage to germinate and survive, producing the next generation of oaks.

This has been happening for centuries. Almost perfectly. Each component plays its part. The tree knows when to produce its fruit. The fruit knows when to fall. The animals know when to eat it. The squirrels and jays know where to hide them. The forgotten acorn knows how to germinate.

There is no way of knowing which acorn from which tree will be hidden by which squirrel in which location. And yet oak trees keep growing.

Nice story Patrick but how does that relate to my business/career. Allow me to ask you some questions? Give yourself a few minutes to find the answers.

What role(s) in life can you play effortlessly?

How much trust do you have in your ability to know what to do and when?

What transport (support) do you require to continue your growth process?

How open are you to not knowing which actions will lead to the biggest yield and yet keep going anyway?

A big part of running a business or managing a career is based on being resilient, adaptable, imaginative, sustainable, and effective.

Knowing the answers to questions like the ones in this post will help guide you to vastly enhance your chances of becoming the next strong, beautiful, fruitful oak tree!

Oak Tree

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2 thoughts on “What do the acorn, the jay, and the squirrel have in common with your business/career!”

  1. Brilliant analogy Patrick
    I love all of it but especially the trail of unknown of where the next step taken could be the most impactful one.

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