Wow, that’s a Good question!!

I would definitely stop smoking. This New Year was the catalyst I needed to stop. I had been smoking since the age of 14 and it was now affecting my health enough to do something about it. Patches bought, all lighters and ashtrays in the bin. It lasted 5.5 weeks. Longest one so far. Yet I was back on the cigarettes.

I was told so many times you can’t go through life without a degree, no matter how clever you think you are. So, I signed up, again for another degree. I had failed before. But this was different. I had gotten career advice and the tests had shown the right path for me. Full of energy I went to college, this was definitely my passion. I didn’t even last 1 academic year.

I could give you a few more of these examples but the blog would get too long.

Does this sound familiar? Have you, just like me, gone through this? Are you going through a new challenge now? How do you feel about your chance of success?

That’s a lot of questions, I hear you say.

Here’s what the right questions can mean to your chance of success!

Didn’t you use to love running in school? And you were in the running team in your army unit! What about running do you like so much?

I used to have to buy gobstoppers (big sweets) just to shut you up from time to time. You were always in trouble in school for talking. Your speeches helped launch a movement, you seem to know how to engage people. How can you use speaking to find your passion now?

Good questions. The answers to these have led to me running 126 Full & Ultra Marathons so far. And I’m still running and really enjoying it 15 years after my first race.

And I’m a Radio Host with my own show every Monday at 12 Noon on And an associate Member of the Professional Speaking Association Ireland. And give workshops, seminars, and training, all professionally.

What questions will make you spring into action? How do you know what questions to answer? And which to leave unanswered?

One way is to check in with your closest friends, family, or colleagues.

As a Qualified Life, Business, and Career Coach for the last 15 years I know what to listen for and what questions get you the answers that will lead you to whatever your version of success is.

What can you do today to take the first step toward your version of a happier life?

You can WhatsApp me to book a personal 30-minute no strings attached chat on 00 353 83 3008963.

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Talk soon!!

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